5 types of Women shoes should all have

Women Shoes

We often think that we must have several types of women shoes to not only have the choice, to go with all our outfits but also to be trendy. But all fashion experts agree that in reality everyone should own 5 pairs of shoes. Indeed, the list of essentials is limited to 5 types of versatile and basic women shoes that are must haves in any wardrobe: sneakers, city shoes, heeled ankle boots, pumps and flat sandals. .

And here’s a shopping selection to make sure you have them all (if you haven’t already)!


If you had to own only one pair of shoes to go out, it would be this one: the pair of closed-toe pumps. The  RDP shoes are  women shoes  that we produce according to our own desires and our requirements both in terms of quality criteria, in terms of design. They  are made in Portugal in workshops that work on the design and production of our models in accordance with artisanal methods and quality.

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If you had to own only one pair of women shoes to go out, it would be this one: the pair of closed-toe pumps.

Every woman should have at least one pair of classic pumps in her wardrobe. Whether for an interview or a wedding, there will always be an opportunity to wear your pair of pumps.

We advise you to invest in a pair of basic pumps, navy blue, black, beige or camel or for those who like more colorful tones opt for a beautiful pair of red pumps. If you only had to have one pair, then you might as well invest in a timeless and comfortable pair that you can keep all your life.

The sneakers

It’s hard to do more essential than sneakers , comfortable, timeless and which adapt to all looks and styles!

If you were to own only one pair of sneakers, we recommend that you invest in a basic and simple leather pair from a long-proven brand in a neutral color (you don’t risk to cheat on a white or black pair). No need to have lots of pairs of sneakers, especially when you are learning how to clean them properly !

Heeled ankle boots

Sexy and at the same time versatile, heeled ankle boots are the ideal option to go from work, in the city to a trendy evening without having to change once! Be careful to choose the gadfly that suits you best: are you more chelsea boots or high heels? And above all, don’t skimp on comfort!

Timeless basic of the wardrobe, the ankle boot warms our feet from the beginnings of winter until the return of spring. If she returns season after season without ever losing her aura, she is nonetheless influenced by current trends. Chelsea or cowboy version , in shiny leather or shiny vinyl, platform or flat, ankle boots trends are declining to the point of not knowing where to look. Our advice to find the ideal model.


Flat ankle boots

In the era of Covid-19 and confinement, comfort is king. Who says comfort says exit the stiletto heel, certainly aesthetically pleasing but rarely pleasant to wear. In this context, boots and flat ankle boots regain their letters of nobility, after several seasons of being shunned by fashionistas. Practical, we opt for timeless black Chelsea, suede ankle boots or patent shoes.

Lace-up boots

Rehabilitated by designers, lace-up ankle boots are making a notable comeback in our wardrobes this season. Flat, Dr Martens style for a military look or with a light heel for a punk chic style, they adapt to all silhouettes.

Boots with chunky ranger-style soles

It is without a doubt one of the strongest trends of the season. For even more comfort, the boots are adorned with a large rubbery ranger-style sole for an imposing look.  

Wide heel ankle boots

Those who can not give up their heels for the world will opt for boots with wide heels for assured comfort. We think in particular of the models signed Nodaleto, whose geometric heels and vintage looks delight fashionistas.

Flat sandals

As soon as the sun comes out, we can’t wait: to show off our new pair of sandals. Rather than heels, we choose flats that go with everything and for any occasion!

Summer rhymes with sandals, and for women there is always plenty to choose from! If you don’t want to burden yourself with too many pairs of women shoes then opt for a tropezienne- style flat sandal that is both ideal for a chic version in the city and more casual for the beach! However, for this category, we can allow ourselves a few small differences such as also having a pair of wedge sandals for example 🙂

City shoes

Flat, mat, sober or crazy… City shoes are essential to overcome any situation. With jeans, a dress or even shorts they save your day!

Shoes are essential in everyday life. Whether we travel for lessons, work, leisure, the market, wherever we go, shoes, we will always need them.

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For form, style or comfort, we will hardly do without. The models of cheap sneakers for women are notably the most popular everyday women shoes thanks to their variety of models allowing all women to find the pair made for them.

The best model of shoe for woman and the one that will be able to accompany you for a long time, support your daily life without giving the soul and the one that will be able to meet your shoe budget.

Discover how to choose your trendy and inexpensive women’s sneakers in this bias as well as a selection of the best models of sneakers of the moment at great prices.