Ballets – flats, boots, and shoes


Ballets are flat shoes or boots made for women, these have thin heels and are inspired by these shoes which are used for dancing by ballet dancers. It may also have a bow stitched at the top near the toes. They are adjusted to one’s size by adjusting the string tie.

Once they were very popular and every woman and girl wore these but now are treated as casual shoes.

These shoes have been in existence since the 16th century. I have seen them first in the Disney movies and they appeared fascinating as the dancing shoes and Cindrella was the main character remembered for these shoes. They slowly disappeared from the fashion scene after the launch of high heels. American designers happened to make ballet flats which were made of rubber soles, which was a real hit as these increased the comfort level and the stability of the shoes. After which more designers tried their hand in ballet making and more variations like ballet pumps and ballet sneakers were made.

There are different styles of ballet flats and differ depending on the origin and design
1. Classic  flats 2. Peep toe  flats 3. Manoletinas  flats 4. Ankle strap  flats 5. Slingback  flats 6. Buckled  flats 7. Heeled  flats 8. Pointed toe flats 9. Ballet pumps

1. Classic flats:

These shoes have a revealing instep and are basic flats.

2. Manoletinas flats:

These have a rounded shape at the instep and have better flexibility.

3. Peep toes flats:

These as the name suggests have open toes and give more breathability to the toes, perfect during the summers to avoid sweaty feet.

4. Ankle strap flats:

These have in addition to the revealing instep, an ankle strap which can be fastened according to the tightness required. This gives that extra firmness to the flats.

5. Buckled flats:

These types have a strap near the instep and these look fancy and the strap acts as an element of fashion as well as ascertaining the comfort it gives, due to the adjustment.

6. Slingback flats

These flats here, have an open rear part and the ends have a rounded and pointy-toe which gives a higher edge in terms of style.

7. Heeled flats

Basic  flats with a little heel are defined as heeled flats. These increase the height by a few inches and look cute and fashionable.

8. Ballet pumps

These pumps have a wider heel and look great for parties, these have open instep and usually closed toe.
These can be paired with a lot of chic outfits like jeans and a nice fitted top. With skirts and mini-skirts they will look adorable. They have a unique style where the toes are seen and they look really elegant yet stylish. For a bolder look, you can wear slingback ballets. Heeled ballet flats give more formal vibes to the outfit. The black-colored  are the show stoppers and anyone would fall in love with them.

Ballet shoes:

It is a shoe specifically meant for dancing, it is made out of canvas, leather, etc. These are lightweight and round at the toe. These are unisex and both genders wear them during their dance performance. This dance involves steps wherein you have to keep your shoes pointed and that is why it has a split sole which improves the flexibility and allows clear visibility of the toes when dancing. It doesn’t have a heel.

Elastic is attached at the edge of the shoe. Though they look tiny these shoes have different components like drawstring, elastics, ribbon, sole, box, platform, vamp, insole, and throat. Drawstrings are used to adjust the tightness of the shoes. Ribbons are tied to the shoes only on special occasions like exams and performances and are avoided during practice sessions.

There are  slippers which are usually worn by beginners. As mentioned earlier leather is used in the making of  shoes and they are responsible for improving the foot strength of beginners. Using Canvas has the advantage that they are easy to clean, and satin is the luxury that is mostly seen during exams and dance performances.

These shoes are suitable only for the dancers and can’t be used by the general public as these do not provide any support to the ankle and are not comfortable for walking on land. Usually, ballet shoes are one size larger than the normal shoes and should be bought accordingly. Women are seen wearing white or pink-colored shoes whereas men wear black or white-colored shoes.

There are various types of ballet shoes

1. Full sole

2. Harper full sole ballet shoe

3. Annabelle full sole ballet shoe

4. Revelation ballet shoe.

Ballet boots:

There exist boots where they have highly pointed heels which creates a persona of pointe shoes, these were used by the characters in the movies but unrealistic to be worn for everyday purposes. The reason being all the weight of the body in this case is put on the toes and it is difficult to walk like that, it will require an immense amount of practice and even though it is not advisable. The heel may be as high as 6 inches and even more.

These boots, shoes, and flats serve different purposes and are supreme in their way. Flats are highly useful and can be considered as the go-to wear for women. They are flattering and make the feet look beautiful. Different types can be used on different occasions and they represent royalty. Whereas these shoes are meant for professional dancers and they will understand their specifications better. The boots are worn by the minority and would not be a preferred choice as apart from appealing looks they do not beg any attention nor comfort and ease of walking.