Canvas shoes – Your comfort partner

Canvas Shoes

Feels like ditching the leather shoes (for men) and painful heels (for women), you can wear canvas sneakers on a cool evening or a beach walk.

Canvas are the OG footwear and loved by all, these have option of keeping the laces or laceless versions too. They are comfortable and stylish and have been in demand in the summer season. White shoes are one of the must haves, and buying white pair of canvas shoes is the best idea.

These are made up of leather, rubber and fabric and have the option of slip ons or lace look. It might be the basic type of sneaker but it is very authentic and is always in demand for its old school look.

Canvas shoes are casual types of shoes and not meant for running or sports as these do not have cushioning or shock absorption. Canvas are low maintenance and you can easily take care of them and are definitely long lasting. But you will have to wash them or atleast clean them after every wear for them to last in good condition. Another reason for canvas shoes being the go to choice for many people is that they are cost effective and can be styled with any outfit.

Brief history

It was first produced by a US company in the 18th century and has been in the market till date. The first canvas shoe had the upper attached to the rubber sole. As they were really affordable and gained quick popularity among the masses, several other companies adopted the design really fast and started manufacturing their own canvas shoes. One gem that got manufactured in this course of time was Converse All Star Basketball Shoes with the specifications required by the basketball players.

Few reasons for you to make up your mind to buy the canvas shoes

1. These are trendy and versatile, you can create any type of look be it sporty or casual.

2. They have different colours to pair with your favourite outfit, white shoes being the popular choice which is the versatile colour.

3. They are made up of fabric which is obtained from hemp and is really sturdy which takes up the shape of your feet easily.

4. Canvas shoes have breathable fabric which is great during summers and you can venture outdoors without worry. This is the advantage and it provides your feet the required ventilation which helps you stay away from sweat.

5. They have durable design and as they are made from canvas fabric which is also the material used for making tents, you can imagine the sturdiness of them.

6. They are super affordable and are made of lightweight material, so I guess no one would mind keeping a slot for canvas shoes in their closet.

Canvas shoes are made of two types: One with a high top which covers the ankles and a low top which does not. You will have some artistic designs made on the sole of the shoe which makes them different from other shoes available. You need to be wise while buying the shoes as some manufacturers might fool you by using cheaper quality materials and not using real fabric made from hemp. This cheaper material will not give a good feel to your shoes and also will be uncomfortable.

How to clean your canvas shoes?

It is pretty easy to wash your canvas shoes, just dump them in your washing machine with the detergent and wait for the results. You can even wash them by hand using a brush. Soak them in water for a few minutes and scrub with the brush. They will be clean and shiny exactly like your new pair.

canvas shoes for women,

Some of the latest canvas shoes launched in the market:

1. Skechers GOvulc Canvas Slip-on shoes

They have a quality outer sole which makes these canvas shoes unique, it has GOga mat technology and great shock absorption.

2. Converse chuck taylor all star core ox

These shoes are made of 100 % canvas and have a padded insole which makes them super comfortable. They are breathable due to the quality fabric and the white shoes under this category look fabulous with it’s design.

3. Nike SB check solarsoft canvas

These shoes come with thick white outsole and are quite flexible. These also have a thicker overlay. Black and white combination is always a win.

       4. White fly canvas by HRX

        The outer material is made of textile and these make up for the best gym wear and are very flexible and stylish.

5. PUMA x one8 V2 IDP Sneakers

This product was a collaboration between PUMA and one8 in association with Virat Kohli which was another reason for their popularity and is of high quality material and great design.

6. OG Classic slip on LX by VANS VAULT

These are slip ons with the most comfortable material and wearability. These look elegant and classy, giving you breathability and the perfect fit.

Men’s canvas shoes can be worn with nice jeans, chinos or shorts. Fitting into any style is the best quality of these pair of sneakers. While women can pair these shoes with dresses, patterned skirts and tracksuits or jumpsuits. People can get their hands on them conveniently as they are spread from price range of 500 to 6000 which fits everyone’s budget effectively.

white canvas shoes,

One pair of canvas will definitely increase the value of your wardrobe and why not own comfortable footwear when you can. These contain all the qualities of good shoes and are super affordable with great designs. They are durable and with little maintenance. They are cool footwear to show off, these are trendy with minimum effort taken. Different brands offer different designs for you to choose from. Quality matters the most in this case as these are casual shoes and you don’t need to perform any sports activity with them. Value for money should be considered as there doesn’t make any sense in buying low quality shoes which won’t last you long. So I hope you have cleared your mind about the perfect shoe for yourself. Happy Shopping.