U&C sports shoes for women & Girls


  • 5 Reasons Girls Need Comfort (U&C) in Footwear:-
  1. Keep Your Feet & Body Happy
  2. Allow You to Be More Active
  3. Improves Posture While Walking
  4. Prevent Foot Pain
  5. Improves Circulation

Before she even heard the startling news, Saina Nehwal was already on her mission.

Fueled by a mix of being perennially embarrassed at being led into the shoe section to buy her badminton Shoes, seeing her taller teammates head for the Women’s section, playing in front of sparsely filled gyms in Big City’s growing up, seeing the same lack of interest at College games and generally offended by all the gender inequities between women’s and men’s badminton, She had already founded her Kicks, a performance U&C badminton shoe brand focused on women.

Research showed that unlike women’s running shoes, performance badminton shoes marketed as unisex or women’s by industry giants such as U&C, Under Armour, were basically down-sized Women’s shoes.

sneakers for women
U&C sports shoes for women & Girls

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