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There’s a widespread misconception that wearing a marked or cleanly pressed dress is the most important aspect of dressing for work. What they fail to realize is that shoes are an integral part of our identity.
Your entire look will be undone if you don’t wear a pair of shoes that go well with your outfit. The person standing in front of you will pay close attention to your shoes so that he can get a sense of who you are.
Having a decent pair of shoes is a nice bonus, and if they are made by a well-known brand like Nike, they are undoubtedly the best Birkenstock Sale India. Originators Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike in 1964. There are connections to clothing, accessories, and athletic gear.
The American footwear brand is well-known throughout the world for its high-quality footwear, which is popular amongst the general public as well as athletes. It oversees the business’s fabrication, creation, planning, and advertising. As far as clothing and footwear are concerned, Nike is the leading brand.
Many other brands also advertise their products under the brand name of the company Birkenstock sale. Several Nike shoes are extremely expensive, and the most expensive ones are shown below.
#1. Roger Federer 
Roger Federer is regarded as one of the world’s best grass tennis players, and his relationship with Nike is unfathomable. Tennis shoes named Roger Federer are available for 23 million US dollars, making them the most expensive tennis shoes in the world.
The in-vogue and extraordinary pair provide the wearer with the most extreme comfort – Birkenstock Slippers India. It’s not easy to play tennis, and you’ll need the best equipment to keep up.
This is what a pair of shoes promises to do when given the chance. A wide range of styles, colors, and materials can be found in the most expensive shoes of the year 2019. Decide on your own if you’re only going to spend 23 million dollars on a couple of pairs of shoes
2# Kevin Durant
b-ball player Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. There are a variety of footwear options available at Mike’s online store for this outstanding player. With a price of 21 million dollars, these are possibly the most expensive shoes on earth.
Kevin Durant Nike Shoes are in style and intense, just like their namesake, who is a basketball star. It is possible to hear them in a few different tones. The purchaser can choose the style and color of the item according to his preferences and customize it.
3#  Kobe Bryant 
When Kobe Bryant was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he resigned from the team.
It’s possible that he was the most well-known and influential player of his time, and Nike lovely shoes, which had a long-standing relationship with him, created a special line in his honor. Each pair costs 20 million dollars, making them the most expensive Nike Trainers ever.
Kobe Bryant Nike Shoes have a striking appearance. These are extremely comfortable and can be customized according to the buyer’s preferences in terms of color. This most expensive pair of trainers can be purchased from the birkenstock brand’s online store.
#4. Maria Sharapova 
Maria Sharapova is one of the most well-known tennis players. As a tribute to her, Nike has designed a comfortable pair of sneakers(Birkenstock). The shoes can be purchased from the brand’s online stores.
Maria Sharapova is a world-class tennis player. In keeping with the Birkenstock brand’s name, Nike footwear is elegant, sleek, and comfortable. At 18 million dollars, these are probably the most expensive shoes on earth. In terms of color and style, it is up to the buyer to customize this comfortable pair.
#5. Derek Jeter 
What baseball fan hasn’t heard of Derek Jeter? As a member of the New York Yankees, he won a World Series. For him, Nike has designed a special pair of shoes that can be purchased online for 16 million US dollars (approximately).
These may be the most expensive tennis shoes in the entire world. As a result, the Derek Jeter Nike Shoes (Birkenstock sale) are incredibly lightweight. You can change the style and color to suit your tastes.