Juttis or Mojries are footwear that can be from Punjab, and over time they became famous. After they became famous cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, and many others started manufacturing them. These are some of the footwear that is originally handmade with all those stoneworks, binaries, Zari work, Gota Patti, and many others. They are slide-in footwears that are easy to wear and look very beautiful when worn.

When they came into the market they were invented as flat footwear but as more and more technology came and after looking at the requirement of the public they started coming in many more unique styles and designs and with heels. Also, with the inventions of technology makers started using machines instead of handwork. But still, in some parts of the country, these juttis are made at home by people and sold in the market. 


As juttis are very famous and preferred by foreigners as well, they became famous for their unique designs and colors. They can be found in so many colors like pink, green, blue, navy blue, brown, red, black, grey, white, magenta, yellow, Kesari, golden, silver, mix colors, and the list is never ending. Women like wearing them with Indian dresses like salwar suits, churidar, sarees, etc. not only Indian women but when foreigners also come to India for vacations, they also try these juttis and even take them for their family members. 

You must be wondering that are there any types for these juttis or they just have one style. The answer is yes, they have so many more styles and unique qualities that can be found in the market depending on the choice of customers. Different types of juttis that you can look for in the market are:

Flat juttis:

These are the first-ever jutties made and don’t have any heel with them. They are worn under salwar. These types of jutties come in Zari, Gota Patti, and many other works. You can find them easily in the market. They are officially handmade and provide a royal look. They can be used as daily wear.


Heel :

These  have a heel of 1.5 or 2 inches and are manufactured in factories. They have a nice finishing and can be worn with any Indian attire. They are mostly party wear. 

              juttis online            

Ghungroo jutties:

These  have ghungroo’s attached to them and they do a chan-chan sound while walking. They are usually worn and preferred by new brides or young girls as they have that party-type look and can be worn with any Indian attire.

        gold juttis              

Tassel jutties:

These have a tassel or knot type thing attached at the top of them providing them a simple and party-type look.

        black juttis             

Denim jutties:

These  are made from denim cloth and can be worn in jeans as well as any Indian attire. They provide a party look to your feet. They are usually preferred by college girls.


Mirror work jutties:

These are full of mirror work and provide a good party look. People usually prefer them at weddings. They are worn with suits but can also go with sarees or lehengas.


Sneaker style jutties:

These have laces tied at the front area and they provide a look of sneakers. They can be found online or in the market. They can go in Indian attires like lehengas, sarees, suits, and many more. These  have an Indo-western look.


Mules style jutties:

These types of jutties are open from the heel side and look very beautiful. They provide a royale look. They can be worn with any attire as they have both a western and Indian look.


These were some of the common types of jutties that you can find easily at all stores. You can find them in all the colors. They are not much expensive you can easily find them in a price range of 700-5000 or 7000 rupees depending upon the brand, making price, how it’s made whether it is handmade or manufactured in the factory. Handmade juttis can be a little costly than manufactured ones. 


You must be wondering “how do I select a good pair  for myself?” so, here’s the answer. Just keep in mind the following factors:

  1. The quality of material: Check the material before buying  because, if you buy a material that is bad for your skin, it may cause redness or problem like seed corn to your feet. 
  2. Size of jutties: Do check the size  before you buy them because wearing the wrong size can lead to an abscess at the back of the ankle or shoe bite.
  3. Comfortability: Before buying any footwear product checking the comfortability is very important as to provide a good breathing space for the feet and do not give pain. 
  4. Slip-proof: They should not slip in water or any slippery floor because it can lead to injury.

These are some of the factors that you should always keep in mind before buying the jutties. People prefer these because they are Indian products and are very beautifully designed. You can find them with pure gold work as well but they might come a little costly. 


These are usually preferred in Indian weddings under lehengas, suits, sarees, Patiala, etc. you can find these easily in almost every part of the country and almost every footwear store whether it is Haryana, Jaipur, Punjab, Patiala, and many more cities. They are local as well as branded but people prefer local  because they are of low cost and are usually handmade. But branded have those finished looks. Some of the brands that are well known for jutties are Fizzy-goblet, needle-dust, etc., and many more. 

Choose the best size, color, material, and style for your jutties for a good experience.

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