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Everyone does own a pair of flip flops for home wear or just to roam in their garden. These are really simple footwear and thin meant to protect the foot from stones and dirt. These are made for summers as you can wear revealing footwear in the summers and it is a great alternative to avoid summer sweat that gets hidden in the shoes. Wearing a proper flip flop based on the surface to which you will be exposed is recommended.

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Flip flops have a flat sole with not much stability and it is designed in such a way that it has a ‘y’ shaped strap. You have to grip the shoe with the help of your first two toes. These are also called sliders as you can just slide in your feet. The name of the shoes varies from one place to another. America calls it flip flops, Australia says thongs whereas in India they even call it slippers or chappals.

Brief history:

Flip flops date back to 4000 BC and were first utilized in Egypt, these were made to protect their legs and the material used was leaves that are known from the images which appeared in Egyptian murals. In India, they were made of wood. People of different continents have used the leaves of the plants available near them. Some people wore the shoe differently, that is instead of putting it between the first and the second toe they wore it between the second and the third one.

Earlier these were just as protection but later on got transformed into fashion and were created in popping colors and tones. Around the 1962’s in Brazil, a new version of flip flops emerged which was called Havaianas which got popularized and was seen more in young adults.

This footwear gives a more casual and relaxed look, differentiated versions came up for girls and boys. Boys had darker tones whereas for girls the straps were given a metallic finish and decorated with embellishments.

The flip flop generally consists of four parts, that is – strap, insole, midsole, and sole. The strap design remains the same, the style of wearing it might change. Modern versions of the slippers might have a heel. They can be made from a variety of materials like rubber, foam, plastic, leather, suede, etc. The thickness of the sole can be chosen as per your liking.

Flip flops for women

1. Thick soled flip flops are good for evening walks to short distances as they are quick to put on and you won’t have to wear the shoes and remove them in no time. These can be time-saving sometimes and can be claimed by lazy people.

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2. Broad strap flip flops
They give increased stability to the footwear and will cover a few of your exposed feet. These can be worn with casual attire like tea sessions with friends or family.

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3. Good soled flip flops are available too which you can wear in a few muddy areas or gardens. Choosing great colors, you can click some crazy pictures with greenery around.

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4. Cushioned flip flops are out in the market which gives extra comfort to the feet. The purpose of relaxation will be fulfilled by them. Due to the cushioning the feet press inside and retract back on every step taken.

5. Shimmery strap flip flops
Thick straps with shimmer on top can give you vibes of expensive footwear, these can be your casual wear on a vacation trip. The style will be so good that no one will judge you for wearing flip-flops.

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Flip flops are simplistic and fun to wear but they can have many disadvantages if worn every day however occasionally it won’t create much of a problem. As the flip flops do not have any arch support they can give you immense pain if worn for too long. Also wearing them at risky places will be your fault as they will hardly protect you from pointed objects and any sharp glass or so.

This footwear can be damaging for the legs if they are worn continuously and can cause ankle sprain and if there is constant rubbing of your toes against the surface of the Chappal then you might get corns as well. Flip flops are good only when worn in moderation, it is the same for everything. Too much of anything will do more harm than good as heard from many people.

Sometimes if the sole is very thin then the strap gets detached from the sole and you could get stranded in between your work, that will be the case of an unlucky day.

If you want to wear flip-flops at any cost and still are a little worried at the back of your mind then the perfect solution for you would be to keep a few points in mind. Avoid very thin flip flops as they will ease the access of any blunt object passing through. Buy the ones having cushioned soles that will be soft on your feet and provide the necessary protection. Now some of the flip flops have been designed in such a way that it takes the shape of your feet. They are not straight like the old flip flops and are curved from the sides.

As you know now that flip- flops have been in the footwear industry for so long time and are the most wanted in the summer season, not only for women but also for men. They are easy to wear and lightweight so you don’t feel any burden while walking.

However, these are to be used on soft surfaces and for a limited period because of some of the ill effects they may cause which we have already pondered. These are pronounced wear when on a vacation especially on a sandy beach and look wholesome with the cute colors and designs on them. These are the few reasons why this type of footwear is liked by many. I hope you liked this article, thanks for reading it!