Heels for women go with almost every outfit whether it is Indian or western. Nowadays not only adult women but teenage girls also love them. Heels are something that women are very fond of wearing and they like to wear them with almost every outfit they wear and they look amazing and beautiful with them.  The crazy of heels is evergreen and can’t fade with time.

Earlier these are  used to hurt and were a major cause of heel pain, ankle pain, and other issues in a woman but with time these are became more comfortable and easier to wear as the quality of material used in them become better and advanced. Women wear these almost everywhere either they are at work, or a party, or on any family occasion, etc. whether a woman is short or tall they love wearing heels, and these could be found in almost every house in the world.

        heels for women             

By looking at the craze and demand for heels companies started preparing them in unique styles and different colors to match every single dress of theirs. You can find it in almost every color like black, green, grey, blue, pink, red, yellow, violet, wine color, and the list are never-ending. These are heavy and light in weight as per the customer’s choice. 


They come in different inches and the customer can find the height of heels as per their satisfaction. The different types of inches/ height  that can be found in the market are:

5 inches:

This is the smallest height of a heel and is comfortable for indoors and outdoors. 


2 inches:

This is a little bigger and can be used as daily wear by the working woman.


3 inches:

This is a normal size heel neither small nor tall.


4 inches:

They are a little bigger and can be uncomfortable for those who prefer short one.


4.5 inches:

They are the same as 4 inches heels but might be a little bigger.


5 and 6 inches:

They are bigger and are usually worn by a short woman for functions or parties. 


These were some of the most common sizes that people usually prefer to buy and wear and there are almost 10-15 more inches that can be found.

Now after looking at the size, you might be wondering about the pain they would cause to the heel or ankle, but not to worry about, as these are made by a team of professionals by considering all the factors related to foot issues like shoe bite (as it was the major problem that occurred earlier ), the safety of heels, comfortability, breathing space, etc. also, they are made waterproof so that the material doesn’t get harm because of it and they are slip-proof to avoid breaking of the ankle or any other harm. 


These can be found in very different styles. The styles are unique and vary in the material used. The different types of heels are as follow: 

Kitten heels for women:

They are the shortest and are very stylish and comfortable.



These are shoes that have a very thin and long heel but these are not for workwear as because of the thinness and height of heels it is difficult to wear them daily. 


Pump heels:

They are low-cut front heels that can be found in all inches and sizes and can be worn as workwear.


Ankle strap heels:

They have a strap at the ankle part to provide support and are covered from the front. These are usually go with formals. 


Wedge heels:

They don’t have a separation between heel and toe and are considered comfortable in daily use. They have usually preferred by everyone and are in higher demand as they provide great support to the foot.


Cone heels:

These are wider at the sole and narrow at the bottom providing great support to the heel. 


Platform heels:

They have a bigger sole and provide support to the foot with a little pump in the innersole and can be found in all inches.


These are some common types of heels preferred by people and there are many more styles that can be found.

Now after considering the height of heels and their styles you must be wondering about how to select a good pair for yourself. Here’s the answer, before buying a pair of heels you must consider the following factors: 


This is the most important factor as we all know branded things are much better than unbranded and lasts longer. Also they will be more comfortable to wear as good brands use high-quality material that helps to keep the foot safe. You need to find a good brand for yourself it could be any brand H&M, forever new, Dior, etc. 


Wearing the correct size pair of heels makes walking more comfortable and keeps the foot safe and prevents shoe bites. as wrong size would lead to severe foot pain and many other issues related to the foot. 


This is the third most important factor to be considered before buying  just looking at the that you can’t tell if they are comfortable or not you need to try them first and then consider the perfect pair because some  might look good but they are not comfortable enough to wear.

Height of heels:

This is also one of the important factors to consider before buying these as for daily use you might need a shorter heel and for an occasion, you might need a bigger heel. For work, you might need a specific height of heel that is not too short and not too big and provide ease in walking. 


These are some of the factors that you should consider before buying the perfect pair of heels to avoid pain and other issues.

Since they are evergreen and go with every occasion you should prefer the best one for you.