4 reasons why shoes are now its fashion statement to look elegant!

4 reasons why shoes went from a necessity to a its fashion statement.

It is said that the first impression formed of a person is by their shoes.

Shoes are a necessity for every human being. In today’s time where our lives have become superfast, shoes help to provide support and comfort for the foot. Our entire body weight is handled by foot and hence it is very crucial to wear the right kind of footwear which gives us cushioning comfort and keeps our feet safe from injuries. To increase productivity without exhaustion shoes are very important. Just like clothes protect our bodies from extreme climatic conditions, similarly, shoes protect feet from too hot or too cold conditions which can be extremely hazardous.

elegant shoes to make a fashion statement
stylish shoes to make a fashion statement

People are dying in the world without shoes. Approximately 2 billion people are infected with parasitic diseases transmitted through contaminated soil that could be prevented by wearing proper footwear. In a WHO report, it is stated that 24% of the world’s population, are infected with soil-transmitted helminth infections worldwide. The only root solution to these problems is SHOES.

Basic neccesity
the harsh reality

The right kind of shoes has a great impact on sports. Shoes are important for almost every sport like running, climbing, badminton, football, etc. Shoes are most important for athletes. The major point of focus for an athlete is their shoes which provide them with the right amount of comfort and support. The entire performance depends on the comfort of the feet. Right Shoes protect them from injuries.

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Not only in these areas but footwear is a vital part of fashion as well. Shoes have moved from just being a means to protect feet to a fashion statement. Footwears are as important as any other accessory in the wardrobe. Today shoes initiate the style and social class of an individual. There is a quote that says “You can always tell a man by the pair of shoes he wears”, this is the number of importance shoes are given. Footwear is the most important to any outfit, it can make or break any outfit. Shoes are the major focus of an outfit and they can keep your fashion game strong.

To conclude, Shoes are a necessity as well as a destiny fashion statement. The productivity of an individual’s work can be enhanced by their shoes. Shoes are a very important part of every field of life. Hence, one’s wardrobe should be stuffed with the necessary shoes just like it is stuffed with clothes and other accessories.