Kolhapuri Chappal is a Brand of Indian Footwear

Every Desi surely owns a Kolhapuri Chappal in their shoe closet. It gives a touch of Indian tradition in your regular or ethnic outfits. Kolhapuri Chappal shows the best craftsmanship of our heritage in the footwear department. By adding all the comfort to your feet and detailing with subtle design to adorn on your feet.

Kolhapuri Chappal

The first Kolhapur chappal was made in the Kolhapur town of Maharashtra as it got its famous patent name. 


The Kolhapuri Chappal made their mark on the global by showing the craftsmanship of the Indian people. It is usually open-toed with a T- strap sandal made with leather and dyed with vegetable peels. Traditionally it is made from buffalo hide and thread. That made them bearable to withstand the high degree heat and rough mountain terrain. 

As the world gradually updated the artisans also started to use alternative materials like thermoplastic rubbers. With demands in the market, the craftsman also started to use cheap materials and minimalist designs to make it.


It is a season versatile shoe that can be worn in winter and summer. A good pair of Kolhapuri Chappals can last for a lifetime. If it is maintained and kept properly. The only drawback is it is not suitable for rainy days. Extra moisture breaks down the leather.


Making Process

Making of Kolhapuri Chappal

These handcrafted chappals needed no nails to make them. The first process of making Kolhapuri chappal is by skiving the leather hides. Next step by cutting into desired patterns. Then attaching the upper and bottom heels. Stitching them into one piece. And punching and trimming the leather to attach the T strap for the foot. And lastly adding the embellishment and polishing to a shiny brand new chappal.


Here are some recommenced Kolhapur Chappals for men that suit every personality and occasion.

Leather Kolhapuri Chappal

1. Black Leather Kolhapuri Chappal

There is a saying nothing can go wrong with black. The all-black look gives an aesthetic feel to your attire. These minimal yet chic looks give a sharp edge without disrupting your feet’ comfort. It only enhances your ethnic outfit and your personality.

2. Yellow Kolhapuri Chappal

This next Kolhapuri Chappal will surely make you feel like Zamindar Babu. Using its traditional dyed golden yellow color, it pops out but with subtlety. Made with genuine leather with a wide strap and a red thread tassel. With wide strap features by maintaining the original design. These handcrafted pairs resist the high heat temperature. It is suited for both casual and ethnic looks. 

3. Tan Kolhapuri Chappal

If the above choices do not appeal then take a look at the original tan-colored slippers. This is the classic tan Kolhapuri Chappal that holds hold appeal to every age. Detailed with red nylon and topstitched in white giving a balanced contrast of colors. Its signature comfort will make you add to your shopping cart. This can be paired with your kurta and pajama or with your regular or stylish jeans topped with a long sleeve shirt or kurta.

4. Black and Golden Kolhapuri Chappal

This latest Kolhapuri with black and gold giving a style statement to the peers. Modern with traditional blend giving today’s slippers a new shape in footwear. Embellish with a tassel and a golden strap along with a toe ring finished off the look. It is ideal for casual and traditional ceremonies. The base has a soft cushion to keep feet comfortable. With the golden strap and toe ring with tassel detailing added to your footwear. This slip-on chappal is ideal for casual and ethnic events.

5. Fancy Kolhapuri Chappal

This Kolhapuri Chappal comes in different colors from navy blue, beige, white, bronze tone to red. Every color you can imagine. In this fancy selection, you got a lot of varieties to pair up with. Detailed with subtle stitches and delicate braided threads and embellishment makes a complete look. It is ideal for wedding and reception parties. And with genuine leather guarantee ensures a comfort long-lasting for your feet.


Latest Kolhapuri Chappal designs for ladies.

These new updated designs of Kolhapuri Chappal will automatically grab the attention of the people.  


1. Wedge Kolhapuri Sandals

Let’s be honest ladies. We love our heels but it’s pain when we have to wear them for long hours. But these Kolhapur Wedge sandals make up your comfort and your love for heels. A 3-inch heel comes with a traditional Kolhapuri flat sole and design with a modern added height. Either it’s for office or casual or for festive it will surely match your style. It comes in a different color with an open toe or with a T strap to choose from. 


2. Kolhapuri Heel Sandal


This pair surely added spice to your feet. With traditional craftsmanship and comfort taking a whole new level. It will make you stand out from the crowd. It is reserved for only weddings and festivals. Pair up with your new lengha or the latest design saree. It will flock the people to give you the compliments.

Kolhapuri Heel Sandal

3. Flat Kolhapuri Chappal


 Want a pair with minimal yet stylish footwear that goes with your ethnic outfit. These flat Kolhapur’s are your answer. With durability and better grip laced with traditional design and comfort. This pair must be added to your shoe closet.  


4. Embroidered Kolhapuri Chappal

Here is a pair that helps you to make your look more festive. Either be flat, wedge, or heel this embroidery pattern goes with everything. The different colors add more detail to your footwear. Flashy models choose from mirror strap to metallic to gota patterns. 

Embroidered Kolhapuri Chappal

5. Silver Kolhapuri Chappal:

Can a shoe be an attention seeker? Here is a stunning pair that is perfectly made to just grab your attention. With an open toe and a T strap with a touch of gold added in multi-braided detailing to elevate the look. This sandal is festive wear and made to be a star of the show. 


These are some best and latest Kolhapuri Chappal design for men and women. With our best traditional craftsman bring out a new modern version to choose from without leaving the comfort of your feet. Plus Kolhapuri Chappals add ethnicity and style to your clothing. What’s more than desi than adding a Kolhapuri Chappal in your traditional wear?