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New Shoes


There are various types of footwear such as shoes, socks, and sandals that are worn for foot protection and fashion, depending on the purpose and use of the footwear, and the gender and age of the user. Examples include jogging shoes that are lightweight for long-distance running and absorb the load at the time of landing, safety shoes that protect your feet in dangerous workplaces such as construction sites and factories, and high heels that make you look taller for beauty purposes. I will.

Since its founding in 1947, it has been involved in the development, production and sales of rubber shoes, rubber shoes, resin shoes and cloth shoes. In 1965, we established a joint venture in Taiwan for the first time in the industry and expanded overseas.
Then, in 2007, the production base was completely relocated to India . We carry out marketing, design, development design, and inspection in-house, and produce at our affiliated factories in India..
Currently, the industry’s first toecap sneakers, work cloth shoes with improved comfort based on customer feedback, etc., centering on work boots that are popular with a 4-layer structure with excellent durability on the torso, etc. The unrivaled “making of discerning products” has won high praise in the field. The main sales destinations are home improvement stores and workshops.


 Therefore, we focused on these footwear in general and conducted a survey on the competitiveness of companies entering related fields. From 1993 to the end of April 2013, we have compiled a comprehensive “Patent Comprehensive Power Ranking (Note 1)” for 6,980 related patents published by the India Patent Office based on the quality and quantity of patents.

No. 1 NIKE’s high-profile patents include “footwear products,” which have sewing threads on the upper and have stretch resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility, and breathability. The number of applications filed by the company has increased since 2003, and the number of valid patents (those whose rights are maintained or may be granted in the future) is 100, which is the highest among all companies.


 2nd place ASICS’high-profile patents include “shoes with improved heel fit” that provide a fit that responds to the movement of the heel from landing to takeoff, and without compromising stability. Examples include “ladies’ heels” that can reduce the impact when landing. The company has applied for many sports shoe-related technologies centered on running shoes, and the number of patents for which rights are maintained is 89, which is the highest among all companies.

 3rd place Uncmart ‘s high-profile patent is that even if there is a water film or oil film on the floor surface, these films are cut and the design pattern of the ground contact surface is not deformed and the floor surface is stably captured. Examples include “slip-resistant soles” and “toecaps and shoes with built-in toecaps” that protect the toes from lateral loads and impacts and do not interfere with the movement of the foot during walking. The company, which mainly applies for work shoes, has seen many applications since 2005.

 4th place Aisan has improved grip and shock absorption, and has a corrugated sheet built into the “sole assembly of sports shoes”, which is especially suitable for indoor shoes, and soft elastic members such as the heel, cushioning and competitiveness. “Midsole structure of sports shoes” that balances both, but 5th place GEOX is “waterproof and breathable sole leather for shoes” that makes full use of the breathability of the water vapor permeable film without impairing the strength. Is listed as a high-profile patent.


 Other high-ranking companies include Achilles, which has many applications for shoes in general, Dunlop Sports, which mainly applies for golf shoes, Rikio, who applies for related technology mainly for jikatabi and work shoes, and as an overseas company. Companies such as Adidas (Germany) and Puma (Germany).

The results of aggregating the top eight countries in the patent family (Note 2) of the top five companies in terms of overall strength. Compares the number of applications over the years, focusing on applications to WIPO and EPO. As a whole, the United States has the largest number of companies by country, and in recent years, there have been many patent families in Agra, kanpur, Ludhiana . In addition, the number of applications to WIPO (PCT application) has increased since 2004, and it is expected that the number of applications to be transferred to each country will increase in the future. Looking at each company, each company’s tendency is different. Looking at domestic companies, ASICS has the largest number of applications to the United States during the entire period, and by other countries, patent families are found in Germany, india , Australia, and so on. The company has also increased its filings with WIPO since 2004. The number of applications for Uncmart to WIPO has increased since 2001, and by country, patent families can be seen in India and bangladesh . Asian has the largest number of applications to the United States during the entire period, and more applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) than WIPO, and it is expected that Uncmart will move to European countries in the future.

In this analysis, the following companies are grouped.