The best elegance shoes for 2021: Our Best Sellers

How to combine the comfort of the footwear and the elegance? Comfortable shoes … a priority

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Our feet are so precious! Finding an elegant shoe that fits is not always easy. The UNCMART comfort office shoes have a chic and elegant range with a small heel that meets the demands of modern women while respecting the natural shape of the foot.

Many of you suffer from pain in your feet  or want comfortable footwear because of your sensitive feet . On the other hand, you don’t want to put your elegance aside. It is always difficult not to be able to wear the latest fashionable office shoes anymore because of or suffering from various pathologies.

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For you, UNCMART  has developed a range of office shoes with wide shapes  and a flattering design, adapted to the requirements of women who want to stay elegant. This collection of comfort office shoes  was entirely designed and produced by a famous Italian designer: Professor Luigi Colani.

Its concept is simple: a pretty, refined shoe with a 23 mm heel, which retains the ideal space given to the toes and support at the instep. This collection is a success. Colani has developed a wide range: heeled ballerinas, derbies, moccasins and booties combining comfort and aesthetics. All these models are made from quality leathers and respect the natural shape of the foot.

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Find the comfortable pair of office shoes  for your ceremonies in the range of ceremonial shoes.

Many trades require professionals to wear safety shoes for safety reasons. Wearing these office shoes all day protects you from the risk of crushing, puncturing or slipping in your office. An antistatic model also prevents the risk of fire, especially in industry. However, they can also be the cause of a multitude of pain. Indeed, the weight of the safety shoe, but also its shape, its sole as well as any other element which composes it can have an influence on the feeling of comfort of your feet. Find our selection of 10 models of safety shoes, judged as the most comfortable by our customers.

Tired of feeling like you’re carrying a brick on each foot safety office shoes are lightweight and have a better price / performance ratio than many competitors. Check out our safety shoe buying guide and find the best models at the best prices.

On the blog, many of you ask us for the best  cheap and comfortable safety office shoes as well as safety shoes for sensitive feet . But which type and which reference to choose? So below, you will find our 10 most comfortable safety office shoes as well as the reasons why they are in this top 10.

After reading this top 10, you will be able to say goodbye to the excruciating pain in your feet after a long day at office. Also, you will never be able to do without a comfortable safety shoe again. Do you have any doubts or need additional information? Do not hesitate to leave a comment or an opinion to which we will answer with pleasure.

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Thanks to their flexibility, UNCMART boots and shoes adapt to your office working conditions: so professionals can finally wear comfortable and adequate safety shoes.

Comfortable and light, many safety shoes available on are S1P standardized. The S1P standard guarantees that the shoe provides crush protection up to 200 joules often with a composite or steel toe cap and has a puncture resistant sole. But you can also find safety shoes standardized S1, S2 or even S3 and S5. The best non-slip soles meet the requirements of the SRP standard. S3, WRU or WR: you can also choose waterproof models for outdoor office work.

The best of the safety shoe is included in this ranking. If you prefer safety shoes with a sporty look, take a look at our TOP 10 best safety sneakers. Discover our top quality models that have received the best ratings and reviews from our customers. This ranking is positioned as a guide that allows you to compare the high-end safety shoes for which you hesitate and need a comparison. Discover superior quality at a low price! For professionals, all professional shoe models are designed to adapt to the office working conditions of several trades. The standards and other characteristics are adapted to a maximum of professions so that you can work in complete safety in comfortable and light shoes, on various sites or sectors of activity ranging from services to industry and construction: boots offering abrasion resistance and water tightness, passing through clogs intended for the tertiary sector. Also discover the models that make up our category of sweat-wicking safety shoes.



If you are required to wear safety shoes as part of a professional activity, your employer is responsible for providing you with personal protective equipment free of charge, including safety shoes. More information on who pays for safety shoes.


The comfort of a safety shoe depends mainly on the shape of your foot and the shape of the shoe. The choice of a shoe also depends on the preferences of the wearer. Some people opt for safety sneakers instead, while others prefer office boots. Are you looking for a comfortable pair? Then check out our top 10 best safety shoes.


Not sure which shoe standard is right for you? Our unique tool does it for you in seconds. Try it out and access a listing of safety shoes tailored to your needs in just 5 clicks.


To make your safety shoes last longer, you need to choose shoes that are appropriate for your office environment and your activity. Regular maintenance will have to be carried out in order to preserve the materials that make up the shoe. See our article on the care of safety shoes.


Safety shoes should be replaced when they show signs of significant wear. It is also recommended to replace your safety shoes when the protective shell has suffered a big impact.

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